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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Yes FREE SHIPPING is included on every item, every order that ships to the United States.

Good question! You may notice that some of our product images might look like they were taken in our garage with an old iphone. That’s because they were! We don’t hire expensive photographers or pay for any fancy equipment or editing. In doing this we save a good amount of money every month so we decided to pass those savings (along with affordable prices) to our customers by offering free shipping!


Our VIP Club offers an exclusive membership that saves you 20% on everything you order in the entire store (every time).

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Each product you purchase earns you points. Points are redeemable for credit on future purchases. Click here for more information on our Points and Rewards Program.

Most products are processed within 48 hours. Rush processing is 24 hours or less (same day processing).

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FREE SHIPPING on EVERY item in our store – ALWAYS!