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Off Road Skateboard

Off Road Skateboard

* 32×8.5″ maple construction
* 10.5″ aluminium trucks
* 200x50mm pneumatic tires
* ABEC-5 bearings
* Some assembly required


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Off Road Skateboard – Do you have what it takes?

Mountainboarding, likewise referred to as Dirtboarding, Offroad Boarding, and also All-Terrain Boarding (ATB), is a well well-known activity sport, stemmed from snowboarding. This was at first pioneered throughout a browse through in the 1900s to the Matterhorn where snow was not offered. A mountainboard is made up of parts including a deck, bindings to safeguard the cyclist to the deck, four wheels with pneumatically-driven tires, and 2 guiding devices called vehicles. Mountainboarders, likewise referred to as cyclists, ride specifically created boardercross tracks, slopestyle parks, grass hillsides, timberlands, gravel tracks, roads, skateparks, ski hotels, BMX courses and also mtb paths. It is this capability to ride such a variety of surface that makes mountainboarding different from various other board sports. Imagine riding your own off road skateboard…

The New Sport – All Terrain Skateboard

To take the enjoyable as well as experience to the next degree, people are now resorting to these off-road skateboards. Unlike the normal skateboards that are mostly made use of on the smooth surfaces on the roads, these ones are developed to deal with the tough terrains. Image yourself experiencing a muddy patch, meadows, or gravel? Or possibly you are thinking riding via sand, dirt and also rough concrete?

Lately there have been some powered hill boards getting grip in the board fanatic globe. Little gas or electric motors connected to enable mountainboarding to be done on level ground or to climb up hills instead of simply declining. Several DIY E-Mountainboard Builders are frequently establishing brand-new drivetrains for their boards with electrical motors, matching the power of tiny bikes, becoming the norm. Join the rankings of the adventure seeker with one of our Off Road Skateboards today!

Thrill Seeker? You need this Mountain Board Now!

This is an outstanding off roadway longboard cruiser. This deck can go basically everywhere you intend to. Massive pneumatically-driven tires enable a smooth trip over a variety of surface areas. Bonus wide trucks and expanded wheelbase give the off road skateboard fluid maneuverability. Comes with a 32″ Maple laminated deck.

Get these while you can! Anyone looking for a mountain board or an all terrain skateboard has come to the right place!



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